CEL62x Series Sound Level Meters

cel620b sound level meterCasella Applications works with any of the CEL620 series sound level meters, including

The CEL620A2 and CEL620B2 are the most popular for occupational noise measurements. These meters store a summary of the noise measurement, including parameters such as LAeq and LCpeak (for EU and many other regulations) and Lavg and LZpeak (used by OSHA and other regulations). They also store useful parameters such as the LCeq, which can be used when assessing the suitability of hearing protectors.

These measurements can be transferred to our server as described in the Downloading page.


For more information about the CEL620 range of meters please visit our product information web site:

CEL62x Series Sound Level Meter


CEL24x Series Sound Level Meters

cel24x sound level meter

Measurements can be downloaded from any of the data logging CEL24x series sound level meters, including

This range of meters benefits from the ability to store a time history noise profile at a rate of 1s. When transferred to Casella Applications this provides a graph of the sound level over time.

Please visit the Downloading page for information on transfering the measurements to our server.


For more information about the data logging versions of the CEL24x sound level meters please our product information web site:

CEL24x Series Sound Level Meter